Schoolgirl Fantasies – Role Plays Are They Weird?

Sexy schoolgirl

Schoolgirl fantasies – a kink that is so universal that some question if it’s a kink at all. In virtually all forms of pornography you’ll come across sexy women with pigtails wearing short plaid skirts and knee high socks. So what could possibly be wrong about an outfit? Is it linked with paedophilia?

In reality, those who have schoolgirl fantasies are either trying to emulate the newness of sexual encounter or they simply enjoy the excitement of role play. Sure, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but mini-skirts and spanking can be very sexy! Then there’s the fun of pretending to be someone else, which allows you and your partner to leave your comfort zone and venture places you wouldn’t normally go. Also, an individual who enjoys the idea of spanking a naughty schoolgirl during roleplay is unlikely to want to do something similar to minors – if they did, why would they be engaging with an adult in a fancy dress school tie?

It Takes Two to Role Play

You may have been thinking about dressing up for a while, but your partner’s not always going to be on the same wavelength. Communication is key, so take the time to explain exactly what you want to happen and what you’re after – it’ll make it easier to improvise rather than just winging it and hoping for the best!

You should check that you and your partner are on the same page before exploring this fantasy further. Some can feel uncomfortable with the idea of dressing as an underage girl. If this is the case, you may want to consider which parts of the schoolgirl fantasy really get you hot under the collar. Can you extract those parts and apply it to another form of role play? If it’s the thought of being in control – try being a CEO who is punishing his secretary for being late/missing deadlines. If it’s the idea of someone being flirtatious and playful, get your partner to dress as a sexy stripper and you’re the client. Not sure what you’re after? Discuss what you want to get out of role playing. Do you want shake up your routine, but aren’t necessarily comfortable with donning a full costume? Want to experiment with bondage? Identifying your desires will help you decide on a scenario that works well for you both.

Setting the Scene

If the teacher/schoolgirl role play works for you both, it’s time to think about how you’ll set the scene. How have you both ended up alone together? Is your student the only student in detention that day? Did the student stay after class for extra tuition? Find a space that can be transformed into an imaginary classroom – somewhere with a large table or desk often works best.

Who is going to seduce who? This role play is hot no matter who initiates and the power play can go back and forth. If this is a detention scenario, think of some punishments for your student. They could polish your desk while you’re sitting at it, they could spend some time on their knees filing paper for you, or it could be some good old fashioned spanking. Just make sure that you decide what punishment you will take beforehand and that you are both comfortable with how the scene will unfold.

Discipline can be lots of fun, but there’s a fine line between pleasurable punishment and embarrassment and pain. As with all aspects of kink, choose a safeword that you can both use if the situation becomes too uncomfortable or if one of you panics.

Props and Toys

So now you and your partner know exactly what you want your role play to involve, it’s time to choose your costume and toys. With all the accessories available, role-playing can get expensive. If you’re opting for the traditional mini skirted school girl who has been sent to the head master after refusing to conform to school dress policy; have a rummage through your partner’s wardrobe and see what items you can throw together to re-create the look. Tables, desks, and chairs all make suitable props – all you need is your imagination! If you want to buy something wicked to dress your naughty school girl in we recommend: School Uniform (Rs 1899, Sins & Temptations).

If your partner likes to be in control, she can be a disciplinarian head mistress who needs to punish the “naughty” school boy for his bad behaviour. If you want to turn it up a notch, she could make you write down and repeat those dirty sentences you were caught saying! Again, this scene can easily be recreated with clothing your partner already has. For something a little more revealing, we recommend the Fantasy Military Cutie (Rs 2269, Sins & Temptations).

Role play could be the kinky element that’s missing from what may otherwise be a very enriching sex life. So, why not give it a go?

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