What is wearing latex clothing like?

Awesome, for those who like it. From my knowledge people experience and enjoy them in different ways and it is not only been worn in BDSM community (Although a lot of latex lovers are into the scene, it is not a requirement.).

First of all, don’t get confused about different materials. Latex is not PVC, plastic, neoprene or spandex. These stuff could is also part of different fetishes and used in bed, but this is quite different to rubber/latex stuff.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Wearing tight (or sometimes less tight) latex clothes means constant light stimulation of your skin. It becomes a second skin of your skin. It enhances the feel of your own skin. Every touch of your skin through latex feels… well incredible!

It creates a small film of sweat between the clothes and the skin, which keeps your skin warm and moist and stimulated.

There is a kind of restriction you might feel, due to the tight, full covering . This also depends on material thickness. Thinner latex is less restricting and your skin is more sensitive being touched while thicker latex (0.6 mm or more) is less stretchable and therefore more restricting and contracting. This is a matter of personal taste.

Skin tight shiny latex clothes look great. Every curve will be smoothed and on the same time it brings out the shape of the body. I am not going too much into the look, because you probably have seen already on pictures.

Putting on and off

Basically there are 3 options to put on latex.

Since tight latex is sticky to skin and other clothes, you need some support (dressing aid).

  • Talcum powder (similar to baby powder, but should be pure talcum, without any perfume or other ingredients, that could harm the latex). Powder the Talcum inside the clothing, before putting it on. Talcum works like a dry lube and reduces the friction between skin and cloth. Powder is also often used for storing latex clothes, because it prevents the layer of clothes to stick together.
  • Silicone oil. This is the only kind of oil, which does not damage latex. (Don’t use any other oil in combination with rubber, it will destroy the material in long term). It is also used as a lubricant between skin and latex and it makes the latex real shiny and reflective. Silicone oil makes everything real slippery, so be careful with oil spots on the floor.
  • There is a method of a onetime treatment of latex, called chlorination. This makes the latex less sticky and smooth. This is often offered by latex manufacturers, but usually it costs extra. There are some advantages and disadvantages for chlorinated latex, not everyone likes it. But you will able to put on clothes without any silicone or powder. One disadvantage (that’s not listed in the article above): It usually reduces the durability of latex a little bit.

Usually everyone has a preferable dressing aid, you should ask your sister what she is using. The technique of putting a catsuit is quite similar to usual putting on some nylon tights, you roll the legs down and put in a foot gently and roll it up. Be patient and and don’t pull too hard! Latex is thin and might tear, if using too much force.
Do it slowly and take care of your finger nails and any other sharp edge. Stretched latex can be easily torn or punctured with that!

Additionally I might to say latex is quite a damageable material, please avoid longer contact to metals (storing!) and avoid long UV exposure.

How long are you able to wear it?

Usually a few hours only, some (very few) people wear them more than 24 hours, but this is more an exception. It depends also, how good the clothing fits. Annoying wrinkles or folds, if the clothing does not fit perfectly, reduces the overall feel good time in latex.

Since you are sweating while wearing this stuff, washing your latex is compulsory after using. Use either just warm water or together with mild soap (preferable without ingredients like perfume or something, that might harm the material permanently). Dry it gently with a towel or hang it on a plastic hanger. When it is dry, use a little bit of silicone or talcum to prevent sticking the latex together, before putting it in the closet.

Will your sister’s catsuit fit you?

Most likely yes, latex is flexible to a degree (depends on material thickness, thinner latex is more stretchable than thicker ones). But ask your sister, if the suit is already very short and tight to her, it could a problem. But since you are just 2 inches taller than her, I would assume it will fit you as well.

A lot of us, who are into latex clothing, usually started with smaller clothes than a catsuit (gloves, under garments, etc) and we gained experience step by step with that magical material and how to handle it. So I would suggest (if possible) your sister assists you in trying the suit. It is easier to put it on (especially for the first time) with a little help.

Nevertheless, try it. It can change your sex life entirely. It can create a feeling, you have never encountered before. It can be real awesome. But not for everyone. If it feels great to you, perfect. If not, well, at least you have tried ;)

Have fun.

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